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Deborah & Brandon Yager

NLP Trainers, Master Coaches & Business Performance Coaching

NLP Practitioner Certification Training

This is a Personal and Professional Breakthrough Training in one Action Packed, Mind Expanding Process and it's a lot of Fun!

Business Coaching

Master communication, breakthrough limitations, realign your focus, Custom Action Plans that drive successful results. Learn how to dominate your industry in todays market place.

My Story

Deb is an inspirational success story, changing her life from everything she didn’t want. Unhappy relationships, food & drug addiction, feeling out of control with no way out. She was continually plagued by an unhealthy mindset, working in an industry that was keeping her trapped in a prison of her own making, sabotaging her growth to breaking through to a life she had only imagined others could have.

Once Deb committed fully to herself, she was able to accomplish quick change using these strategies and profound methods of transformation. If any of these challenges resonate with you or someone you know, we are excited for you to join us in one of our live training so you will discover your own success story.

My Values & Beliefs

With Communication Anything is Possible

The most important thing to learn is to study and communicate with self first and others second.  You’ll never master it if you never start!  Majority of people today run from communication, hide behind emails, or text messages.  The future will reward those who know how to communicate with Mastery.


If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?    If your stuck in life and not making enough money, or hate your job or you’re relationship is rocky what do you really believe in?  Your beliefs create your reality.


You either have reasons why you didn’t accomplish or create results or you have results.  Whatever you do in life you must track your results.  Great coaches have performance coaches to hold them accountable by sticking to the plan and measure your results.

Deb’s Philosophy


I first discover what my clients really want in a specific area of life.

So many people today are so scattered and disconnected in there thinking and awareness.

Part of my process is getting to the root structure of what connects people back to the mind and body connection.

The ability to tap into my personal empowerment gave me the chance to redesign and rebuild my life!  I assist people teaching these powerful tools, how to conquer ones negativity to create a new life, success and true happiness!  I specialize in working with women to create the confidence in life, relationships, business, sales, goals, health & wellness.

My Story

I was in a relationship that was doomed, a business that needed some serious redirecting, health and wellness was last on my priority list and the worst part, I had an unhealthy state of mind!  If you can relate to some of these life challenges, know that it takes focus and the courage to look in the mirror and tell yourself its time to get honest with myself.  Here’s the serious part, most people can’t do that, won’t do it or don’t feel they need to.  Let me be blunt!  If you are still unhappy with your life, relationship, or simply the results you get from your business or job then its time to stop telling the BS story that you keep telling everyone including yourself.  Time to get real with yourself, It took me 6 mos. to enroll in my first training 7 years ago, thats right I put it off like many others do coming up with excuses and reasons why I was so busy, not enough time, not enough money, etc.   I have news for those that want to delay their success.  I look back and still think why was I so stubborn to starting on my path to success knowing that the plan I was on, was clearly a plan that was not working!

My Values & Beliefs

Serious Learning vs. Casual Learning

Jim Rohn, said there is a vast difference between casual learning and serious learning.  Now would be a great time to start being a serious learner, not just buying the book reading a few chapters and say, yeah I do personal growth and development.  When I added accountability to my learning I accelerated my growth and accomplished financial goals beyond my expectations.

Taking Massive Action

When goals are accomplished they are directly dependent on the focus we hold in our mind with the outcome of the goal or intention.  The most important thing to consider is the amount of action needed to accomplish goals.  Ask yourself: Am I taking enough action?   Where can I double or triple the amount of action necessary to accomplish my goals.


I learned what patience really meant when I started this journey not only being patient with myself but also learning what Deb was going through in her life to fully support her and allowing her to develop her new mindset and breaking through all the limiting choices that had previously held her back in her life.  Growth is accomplished through empowerment, it’s accelerated with everything we teach clients in our trainings.  One then applies this wisdom to daily life and uses patience as learnings and habits integrate.

Brandon’s Philosophy

My philosophy is pretty simple, set big goals, Take Massive Action toward those goals, then be open to feedback and new learnings along the way.  Model  experts and true professionals that are worth modeling(Excellence)!

Incorporate a feedback system so that you can adjust the heading of your ship, continue to take massive action that is if you want to produce massive results.

If you mess up along the way learn from it and get back on the path.  It’s the people that screw everything up and stay on the path that seem to go make success, freedom and wealth happen for them, instead of failure.

Did I forget to mention, Take Massive Action!

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