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NLP Coaching and Why It's Such a Rewarding Career!

It doesn’t matter what industry you came from you can become a great coach!  Chances are if you struggled in the past with people, communication, reading the signs that people give you through their words and body language, learning NLP Coaching Skills will make you better at business, working with your team, communicating to clients and customers.  Successful companies have in house Performance Coaches or hire Business Performance Coaches, but Why?   Because a business or product is only as good as the people working together as an aligned team to accomplish, sales, support and goals.  So if you business is struggling maybe you should become the coach it needs to realign the companies values and get back to doing what success the company can create.


“If you want to grow: coach yourself, then model an excellent coach that is taking massive action and creating the life they want, then go coach others and get paid very well to do it”

Brandon & Deb Yager

We see many great coaches that were never taught the basic foundation of techniques to move people through problems applying language to assist clients to question the very nature of how they create internal conflict they have.  Think about it… So many people are fragmented in life right now disconnected from themselves in such a way that doesn’t allow them to be congruent, to be happy, to feel fulfillment in their relationship or career.  A great coach must assist assist their client to see the big picture of life even when the client is stuck in the problem.  NLP is an Art and a Science to how our clients experience profound results and let go of their past to create the new future they want to obtain. 

We take good coaches, teach them amazing techniques and skills when to use them during a coaching session, then how to have structure and stay within a  process when coaching clients so they have a personal and professional breakthrough like they have never experienced before.

If your looking to become an NLP Coach or you already offer coaching services and want to enhance your skills as an NLP Coach please reach out to us about taking our NLP Practitioner Certification Training, its the pre-requisite training before Master Practitioner, most success NLP Coaches are certified at the Master Practitioner level. 

We will help answer any questions you have and share with you, how we created our successful Coaching Business using NLP mindset.  In business learning how to coach self and others will give you insights to help clients, employees and team members that you never realized were there.

Being a better leader, a better sales manager, a better employee, a better parent means becoming a coach to the people around you on a daily basis.  When your trying to make a sale in business you’re really just coaching a client through challenges and obstacles that they haven’t been able to figure out on their own which is why asking the right questions, powerful thought provoking questions that get clients thinking so they can resolve and come up with the answers on there own.  This is true empowerment.

If your a Good Coach, then Become a Great Coach and Grow! 

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“With the tools and techniques, I have been able to increase my revenue, lead and guide my employees to excellence. I’ve been able to build rapport for the development of my company, that has been instrumental.” Yolanda Speed

Owner, Family Options & Advancing Independence

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Brandon & Deb have created a relationship full of love, communication, independence, awareness, alignment with each other to build businesses together and love working with each other every day!  If you want accountability in your partnership or relationship then download our ebook it’s a must read for those searching for the right partner or rebuilding a relationship that seems to have lost its way to life’s challenges.

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At some point in your near future once you get through the entire Online NLP Training you will want to attend a live training that we offer at discount, for our Online NLP Training Students.

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