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Neuro-linguistic programming

NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner Certification Trainings

Train Your Mind with Powerful Practical Knowledge Needed to Succeed in Life and Business

NLP Practitioner Certification

Become certified in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, NLP Coaching, and Hypnotherapy in this seven-day certification training.

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Master NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Master NLP Coaching, and Hypnotherapy in this fifteen-day certification training.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Enough is Enough, Start Your Transformational Journey Today

Jim Rohn, said it best: “There is a great deal of difference between casual learning and serious learning.

IF you can’t relate to this then its time to take your learning to an elevated, advanced level so you have the self-empowerment that you can do anything you want in life! 

Tired of not communicating what you really want to say to others?

Do you struggle with staying focused on tasks and maintaining organizational flow?

Do relationships seem impossible and working with people frustrating?

Finding your business isn't making the money it should? or is your job not paying you enough money?

Discover Self Mastery

Acquire skills and attitudes, by accessing your inner resources, which enable you to run your life more successfully.  Obtain a new set of skills not taught in school or companies.

Communicate Effectively

Control your mind, body, and emotions to communicate effectively by promoting harmony through your conscious and unconscious mind

Breakthrough whats Holding You Back

Achieve good health by breaking free of destructive habits and thoughts that spoil your quality of life

Become an NLP Coach

Improve performance becasause NLP focuses on excellence, and identifires the key components of excellent performance

What Is NLP Training?
Who is It For?

Our trainings are designed in such a way that allows anyone looking for better outcomes to apply the ideas we share and teach to have a more prosperous and abundant mindset.  You will discover that getting results start with a practical application to using what you learn to grow yourself and transform how you think about relationships, business and personal challenges to empower yourself and become the best version of yourself.

Job/Career Transition
Many people these days find themselves stuck in a job, or running a business they have fallen out of passion with.  Time to recharge, re-energize your passion for what gets you out of bed in the morning to love your business or career again.  Here’s the problem… you need a new set of skills to grow your business or get out from the security of the job your in to become an entrepreneur who is confident in making sales, marketing your services and public speaking about your product or services.  Grab ahold of these tools so you never go back to the old job along with the old way of thinking that feels so controlling and disempowering.  Even Life Transitions, Including relationships, kids growing up and empty nesters find themselves with no purpose, we can help.
Better Your Relationship
Not happy in your relationship?

Can’t seem to find the right relationship for you?

Seem to date the same people with different names and faces?

These are patterns and we will show you how to become aware of these patterns and break them so you let go of beliefs that keep you in the emotion and unable to manifest a beautiful amazing relationship full of love, communication & happiness.

Many people are afraid to experience these happy emotions when it comes to choosing the right partner in life or business we can guide you how based on the relationship we have created and learned how to maintain.

Business Performance & Sales Strategies
Making sales is fun if you find it challenging to make sales or have a difficult time marketing your product or services lets get to the root cause that is keeping you stuck!  Do you dread objections from your prospects or clients?  In 7 days we will install positive behavior patterns that drive results in your business.  Turn communication with clients, employees and managers into a task you enjoy and love!  Become an excellent negotiator, communicator, and
Become an NLP Coach - Set Your Coaching Business Apart from 95% of all Coaches in the Industry that are NOT trained in NLP
Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries because people lack the awareness and application to effectively grow as a person by themselves.  Any business that is profitable and successful understands the importance of training their people and the mindset needed to drive results.  IF you are looking to become a coach or coach your team as a business leader, entrepreneur, or parent working with kids then get the skills of an expert NLP Coach.  This means that your ready to help yourself and transform the minds of those around you.  The coaching wisdom we share and teach, will give you the confidence to transform people, enhance performance, get fast results, and share this value for your clients and team.  When you get brutally honest with yourself and the areas you can improve the most in your life is where self-empowerment lives.  We are all coaches to someone in our life now we just have to step into that power role and play it and get certified to get paid for it.

Online Training & Products

Relationship eBook

Brandon & Deb have created a relationship full of love, communication, independence, awareness, alignment with each other to build businesses together and love working with each other every day!  If you want accountability in your partnership or relationship then download our ebook it’s a must read for those searching for the right partner or rebuilding a relationship that seems to have lost its way to life’s challenges.

Hypnosis Audio Downloads

We have audios that you can download from Sleep Hypnosis to improve and get a great nights rest

Performance Enhancement & Goal Setting to re-align focus, attention and results

Simple NLP Online Training™

Can’t take one of our live trainings yet?

Enroll in our Online NLP Training to get the information you are looking for now from the comfort of your home or office.  You will learn the full NLP training at the practitioner level, You will need to demonstrate the techniques to us so that we can certify you for the online course.

At some point in your near future once you get through the entire Online NLP Training you will want to attend a live training that we offer at discount, for our Online NLP Training Students.

Hit the Reset Button and Get Back on Track!

Align yourself with your purpose

Set New Goals

Take Massive Action

“The biggest impact on me was letting go of some negative emotional events, and clearing that out of the way to be more congruent with who I want to be.” Stephen Duggar

Mortage Consultant

“With the tools and techniques I have been able to increase my revenue, lead and guide my employees to excellence. Ive been able to build rapprt for the development of my company, that has been instrumental.” Yolanda Speed

Owner, Family Options & Advancing Independence

Take a New Path Today, Maybe an Unfamiliar One