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3 Day

Hypnosis Certification Training

Learn Modern Hypnosis and How you Use on Daily Basis for Better Health, Sleep, and Mental Performance, Keep Your Mind Sharp and Focused

Athletic Performance & Sleep

Healthy Mind and Body

Career - Business

Why Hypnosis?


Have you ever struggled with sleep issues or know someone who does?


Stomp bad habits and addictions like over eating and smoking


Uncover your mental motivation, inspiration, and focus.


Get congruent in your relationship

Get Aligned with You’re Conscious and Unconscious Mind!

Hypnosis Training Agenda

Day 1

  • Hypnosis Intro

  • Intro to Krasner Hypnosis

Day 2

  • Continue Krasner Hypnosis

  • Erickson Hypnosis

  • Sleep & Performance Double Induction

Day 3

  • Hypnosis Stage Show

    Goal Setting Secret to Creation

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The Unique Yager Way

The approach we bring to our trainings, we have adopted in our life, relationship, and business, which is to share our most incredible stories in a raw and real way that relate with people who are looking to find a better way to think, act, be, and live a happy and fulfilling life.

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If life is already amazing like many of our lives, we bring a unique way to ground us to imagine and create what we want while sharing gratitude for what we have.  If one can learn new ways of communicating, critically thinking for yourself and empowering the core of who you really are, we can go out into the world and serve others so they can think for themselves, build thriving businesses, have loving relationships all many things that people today, don’t think they can have or don’t deserve.  We believe in our students and our clients, the real question is do you believe in yourself?

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