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NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training

Life, Health, Personal, Business
Start Shaping Your New Life Today By Mastering It

4 Advanced Trainings in One Program

Master Advanced NLP

Learn advanced Master Level NLP techniques that build upon the Practitioner level trainings.  Advanced Language Patterns, Tools to broaden your skills to get out of any situation by having the power to use words as your secret weapon

Time Line Therapy® Advanced

Master the skill set of what Time Line Therapy® brings to the table in personal growth and professional growth.  Whether you are a coach or in business these advanced techniques will take any organization to optimal growth by way of the performance of it’s people.  “A clear mind will create clear results!”

Master Hypnosis

The unconscious mind is under utilized and not congruent for most individuals in life.  Grab ahold of advanced techniques covered in the Master Practitioner Training that are centuries old and how to use this ancient wisdom in todays technology world and for future success.

NLP Master Coach

If your an entrepreneur, business owner or work for a business then by now you know how powerful it is to have sophisticated coaching abilities when leading a team, running systems and working with clients.  What we teach in this part of the training is like no other training you will find world wide.
Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find the Way?

We know how overwhelming many people feel with the plethora of personal growth & development courses out there to choose from.  We have researched heavily and discovered that many programs and courses out their have roots that lead back to our NLP foundational training, This means our trainings have the solid foundation that most people must start with in order to build upon a powerful level that can take them exactly where they want to go.  For most people its uncovering and unlocking that greatness thats already inside they just haven’t consciously discovered the secret to let it out.

Learn the Master Techniques of the Mind & Body Connection

Learn how our environment affects our minds, bodies and our emotions.  By getting empowered with this knowledge you can take back control of your emotional health and awareness of whats blocking you from success.

Advanced Language Knowledge

Learn new techniques that build upon everything you learned in the Practitioner Training.  Advanced Patterns of NLP, Sales Language that will give you confidence going into any sales or situation that may feel confrontational and have the tools to come out on the other side to negotiate a win, win deal.

Training and Format Design - Public Speaking / Group Coaching

Learn how people learn information in a training, sales setting or teaching to effectively get the information in the mind so that your audience remembers what you teach and your on their top of mind awareness.

How to Model - Mental Programing Techniques to Create Massive Success

You experience group exercises that allow you to clear out projections and take the concept of focusing on what you want, to a metaphysical level to drive personal growth and business alignment.

Values Levels & Evolution Training - Master Practitioner Training

We save the best for last!  If you want to learn how humans evolve there consciousness then you want to gain this knowledge to be a great coach, business owner, or just master communication.  People evolve through life exhibiting certain patterns, behaviors, and ways of thinking that when you know this you can communicate effortlessly with anyone and build massive rapport with any person simply by calibrating them using this advanced technology to read human behavior and know where a person is in their progression through life.  It’s like the road map to how the world is the way it is and helps answers questions than have remained unanswered until now.

Master Practitioner Training Agenda

2 Weeks that you will never forget in your life when you attend this training and break through all the BS thats holding you back from true success!

Week 1
Introduction to NLP Master Practitioner Training


Week 2
Master Time Line Therapy, New Techniques not taught in Practitioner

8 Hour Breakthrough as a Master Practitioner

Master Training Team

As a husband and wife partnership we love working together, training together and having fun together.  We love what we do, transforming people one training at a time.  We have some amazing goals that we will accomplish and we would love for you to be apart of them.  Our Master Practitioner Trainings are so much fun, they are intense and yet probably the most advanced training most people will recieve in a life time all within a short period of 15 straight days.

How It Works

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NLP Master Practitioner Regular Price

This training is priceless here is why, enhance your ability to coach others, the most profound unique approach to health, wellness to transform coaches into Master Coaches.

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Master Practitioner is for the individual looking to become fully conscious of the honest results they have in their life right now.  The best part is you can start to become a better coach, a better parent, a better employee, leader, business owner NOW!  Invest in yourself and let us be your guide to access Master NLP knowledge that brings fulfillment, success, wealth and health to the most successful people in the world on a daily basis.  Join our tribe!

NLP Master Practitioner Training Early Bird Special

Enroll early so you can obtain all the pre-study material to start learning and listening to our NLP audios for students that have come through our NLP Practitioner Training.  If you haven’t taken Practitioner with us, thats ok we can get you the audios and give us a call about the school you took Practitioner with.

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Enroll to get started today schedule your next coaching call with Deb & Brandon to start organizing all your goals to focus on what you want to accomplish having attended, Master Practitioner Training with us.  We will setup your action plan to help you start creating the money, in order to not only attend the training but to thrive towards wealth!  Get in contact with us to discuss the details about your specific situation today!

NLP Master Practitioner Deposit

If you cannot Pay In Full thats ok…  We have a payment plan available to start you on the path.  Pay deposit now and get access to audios to prep you for the training and get access to our live group coaching calls to plug into a network of doers and achievers, Q&A sessions with your new tribe.

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Once you make your deposit we ship out all of the pre-study material you will need and you get a strategy coaching session with Deb & Brandon to plan out your goals for the training and begin breaking through the moment you enroll.  This will reserve your seat for the next training on the schedule.  Payment plans are available up to the training that will fit your budget and continue your growth to invest in yourself to you can accomplish what you came here to accomplish.

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